Dave Lemon often records upbeat rhythms and melodic phrasing that are threaded with expressive lyrical content.  He digs deep into working class issues, addictions, civil freedoms, and  relationships with fresh perspective. On occasion, song topics also delve into campy stories and cheeky lyrics.

Dave Lemon is a recording artist from the small seaside town of Pacific Grove, CA.  Both growing up there and later returning, the town has given him rich content from which to draw. He has also lived in Seattle for a time where he wrote many songs with views of the Olympic Mountains.

Dave Lemon currently performs live as a Singer-Songwriter. His former band is “Dave Lemon and the Double Shots” featuring Art Culberson on bass and Steve Palomarez on drums.  They played numerous festivals / gigs on the Monterey Peninsula and recorded several unreleased tracks.   Some unreleased tracks are available to stream in the music section.

Dave  Lemon’s official releases include:

The Pepper Song (single) - 2003

Stumble In  (album) - 2004

Dave Lemon caught an ear for music early on.  He first picked up the violin and later the guitar. But he didn’t really start singing until he heard his voice bouncing back at him within a racket ball court.

At age 13, Dave was listening to bands such as Black Sabbath, Kiss and Led Zeppelin.  He was invited to a presentation at church, or shall we say ambush.  The topic was satanic music.  And his heroes were now vilified as devil worshipper!   Kiss was really “Knights in Satan’s Service” and by all means don’t play Stairway to Heaven backwards.  

This shocking revelation brought Dave to see the light.  He went home, gathered up his “satanic records”, put them in a pile, and lit them on fire!  Smoke billowed through the neighborhood.  Soon sirens rolled down the street.  The fire department asked Dave what he was doing.  When they heard his answer they were bewildered and put out the fire.   The brainwash soon wore off with regret. Dave later repurchased his records!

In Dave Lemon’s Seattle days he demoed a project called LemonHart - “Digress” a collection of songs inspired by issues such as love/break ups and substance abuse. He also played bass in an experimental band called Room 122 and vocals/guitar/bass in a “Weekend Warrior” cover band sponsored by American Music.