Dave Lemon was KRML 94.7 - MRY Local Music Spotlight ‘s guest week of 1/8/2024!  Plus, live on air performance on KRML’s Pub Talk:



The Pepper Song, by Dave Lemon, has a spicy flavor. Lively, upbeat and dynamically played, it's not surprising to hear that Lemon wrote it as a response to his penchant for hot peppers...” - Tammy Tenino - April 2004

Dave Lemon “Stumble In” …'Stumbled In' is a high octane hoedown about the woes of overindulging…'Freedom of Choice' paints a picture much like a Springsteen song.  ‘Job Hopper’ is a sheik of  Arabia trip through unemployment with Beatlesque  lyrics.  Some interesting stuff here. - J.R. Oliver . March 2005

...his songs reveal a reflective quality, often addressing less sunny topics with a depth born of experience...” - Mark C. Anderson

Monterey County Weekly - Feb 24, 2005